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HL2 crash on startup

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HL2 crash on startup

HL2 will only start with -nosound in the command line...

Hey everybody, I'm having a problem with HL2 lately. I already posted it at the Steam forums, but nobody there seems to know the solution. So, I'll just copy & paste the original thread into this one, to see if anyone here has had the same problem.

Ok, I've looked around here on the forums, used the search function, checked the Support System, and I can't find a solution anywhere, just one or two people having the same problem. The problem being this: I launch HL2, it shows the Valve intro movie, and moves on to loading the menu. But I never get to the menu, it crashes to desktop with 2 different error messages. The memory error (0x***) pops it's head up the one time, and the next time it's a default Windows error saying "hl2.exe has caused you to go crazy" etc. So after reading through several answers in de Support System, I updated everything there was to update, DirectX, video card drivers, sound card drivers etc etc. After that, I started using the launch options to isolate the problem, and it was a direct hit. By adding "-nosound" to the launch options HL2 ran fine. Removing it caused it to crash again. So I set the sound hardware acceleration to every level available in DXDiag. It didn't work. I couldn't find more solutions mentioned anywhere, so I turn to this forum for a little help, to see if anyone has the same problem, and if anybody has a solution. To summarize: * Problem isolated to the -nosound launch option, crashes without it * Latest drivers/updates * HL2 used to run fine on the same laptop a month or 3 ago * Problem only present in HL2 and it's mods, not in CS:S or DoD:S System Specifications: Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pi-1536 laptop Intel Centrino Duo T2300 @ 1,66 GhZ 1024MB DDR SDRAM ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 Realtek HD Audio (ALC 880) 100GB hard drive Windows XP Home Edition SP2 (5.1, build 2600)

Anyone ever had this problem? Maybe someone with a solution? :D It's probably caused by an game update or something :(.

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    9 years ago:
    Re-Install [only hl2] and stop playing with the start-up settings?!
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    9 years ago:
    Maybe your sound card is broken?
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    9 years ago:
    Posted by 4RC71C-M4N Re-Install [only hl2] and stop playing with the start-up settings?!
    Troubleshooting Game Crashes (Steam Support)

    I re-installed about 8 times by now, and went through the steps mentioned in the link above. One of them requires you to edit the launch options, so please don't reply with these kind of remarks.

    @deltabell: The sound card isn't broken, it works fine in other games, even other Source based games like CS:S and DoD:S. Which is why I'm wondering why it keeps crashing in HL2 :(. Kinda sucks, and I hope Insurgency does run fine.

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Jul 1 2007 @ 6:17pm UTC

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